Francis W. L. Adams, “Anarchism” (1894)

‘Tis not when I am here,
In these homeless homes, 
Where sin and shame and disease 
And foul death comes;
‘Tis not when heart and brain
Would be still and forget 
Men and women and children
Dragged down to the pit.
But when I hear them declaiming 
Of “liberty,” “order” and “law,” 
The husk-hearted gentleman 
And the mud-hearted bourgeois, 
That a sombre, hateful desire 
Burns up slow in my breast, 
To wreck the great, guilty temple. 
And give us rest! 
— Francis W. L. Adams.

Francis William Lauderdale Adams, “Anarchism,” Songs of the Army of the Night (London: William Reeves, 1894): 36.